In His Hands

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life when you look up and God is standing right beside you? You can’t deny it or overlook it. You feel His presence and know that He has the whole world, including you, in His Hands. Recently, I had one of those moments where I could not deny His work in my life.

Four years ago, I met a woman in the lobby of our church. She was strolling in the front door with two little boys in tow. I didn’t recognize her, assumed she was a first time guest, and directed her towards our Children’s facility. As she walked away, I started up another conversation with someone else. As I finished that conversation, the woman returned to the Lobby from our Children’s facility, so I said hello. She confirmed she was a first time guest. I explained to her that I was on an assignment from the Lord to pray every day in the sanctuary then asked her if there was anything I could pray for that week for her. She said, “Sure, pray for my family and please include my husband. He couldn’t be here today.” I asked her what her husband’s name was and she told me. Then she went into the sanctuary for the service and I never saw her again. As far as I know, she never visited our church again.

The next day I went into the sanctuary and prayed for her, her family and her husband. When I began praying for him, the Lord spoke to me. He said He would like me to start my prayers every day by praying for this man I had never met. When I asked God why, He said because I personally did not know this man, and he could not benefit me in any way. Before I prayed for my stuff, He wanted me to pray for this man…everyday…for one year.

I did it. I prayed his name over and over again that year. But, then the year ended. God led me to a different focus and that assignment was over. I never met the man or even heard his name uttered for the next three years. Then recently I was on Facebook and his name popped up on my feed as someone I might like to send a Facebook friend request to. So, I did, hoping he would accept the request and I could encourage him with that story. But, he never responded to my request. Last Sunday morning, during worship, God spoke to me and said to send him a Facebook message and tell him the story. I argued with God, it was obvious the guy didn’t do Facebook very often. But, God was very direct with me, I was to send him a message and do it that day.

That night I pulled up the guy’s profile and went to his photos. I looked for a picture of his wife to verify that this was the right guy. I found a picture of her but honestly I don’t remember what she looked like; it had been 4 years. Her name seemed similar to what I remembered, but not exactly. I felt confident that this was the right guy. So, I sent him a message, told him the story and simply encouraged him that God has been working behind the scenes on his behalf for a long time and that God really loves him. Assignment done!

The next morning…the very next morning…I go to Lowes to buy a gift card. I select the card quickly and I get in line. The woman in front of me feels my presence and looks over her shoulder. You’ll never guess who it was. Yep, it was this man’s wife! I called her by name which shocked her and I asked if she or her husband had read my message from the night before. She tells me that he never reads those messages (that is why God put us in line next to each other). I then had the privilege of telling her the story and encouraging her to ask her husband to read it. We were both overwhelmed at this divine interruption.

This story isn’t primarily about this man and whatever God wants to do in his life. It definitely isn’t about me. It is a story about our God, who loves us deeply and is working just out of sight to watch over us, care for us and guide us in our journey. My faith level is through the roof by the divine coincidence of this story. I pray it inspires you as well. For more on this subject, go to


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Leaving it in His Hands

As I journey on in my role as a Chief Repenter, and understand better how God’s justice and mercy work hand in hand, I have found a couple truths worth more to me than gold. One of them is what I call, “Leaving it in His hands”.

When a legal matter between you and another party needs to be resolved you have two options. You can try to negotiate a solution privately that is advantageous for you (and hopefully for the other party), or you can take it to court. If you go to court, it is no longer in your hands. It is in the hand of a judge, a jury, or the judicial law of our land. In the court system, we not only lose control of the situation, but we can end up with an unsatisfactory outcome.

The opposite is true when we deal with God. When we have something between us and God, the best thing we can do is leave it in His hands. There is always hope of mercy, and it is the safest place you could be.

When the woman caught in the act of adultery was brought to Jesus, the Pharisees honestly believed Jesus would judge her guilty and then sentence her to death by capital punishment. Why did they believe this? Because she was guilty and it is what they would have done. They had the stones in their hands to prove it!

When we sin, like the Israelites, offer Him whatever sacrifices He asks for. This allows God to deal with the sin.

Some might say, “Why not just tell people to quit sinning, instead of teaching them to offer sacrifices?” Telling people to stop sinning doesn’t usually work. People struggle with sin. When we leave our disappointments in His hands he changes our hearts. He is a merciful judge and a good Father.

Like the woman caught in adultery who was brought to Jesus, bring your sin to Him. Leave it in His hands. He will judge you, but often by giving you mercy as He extends to you the grace to change. For more on this subject, go to



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