Does God Love Us All The Same?

It took me a long time to grasp the notion that God loved and enjoyed me, and that He derived a level of pleasure in my existence. I had always thought that He was disappointed and frustrated with me. At best, I surmised, He tolerated me. But, over time, He wore me down and convinced me of His overwhelming love for me. The people that are part of my daily life have heard me say more than a few times, “I am God’s favorite, He loves me the most!” Though in my thinking, we were all tied for first. After all, God loved us all the same.


I was recently challenged on that opinion while on a recent ministry trip to Greece. My friend, Gail Stathis, had been discussing this subject the week before I arrived and it was fresh in everyone’s mind. So, when I came along and said that God loves all of us the same, it provoked a challenging conversation about the love of God.


Gail had stated that God does not love all of us equally. Equal denotes that God’s love can be measured. And, for those of us that have experienced His love, we know that His love is limitless. Her point was this, “God does not love each of us the same—He loves each of us uniquely.” I must admit, something in my spirit resonated with that thought.


Now while this conversation was turning over in my mind, I just happened to be reading through the gospels as part of my daily Bible reading plan. Just so you know, I do not believe in coincidences. Someone once said, “Coincidences are when God decides to remain anonymous.” I like that. I read the passage where Jesus feeds the 5,000 and I saw something I have never seen before. It says, “They all ate until they were all filled.” Each of us has a different level at which we feel full. I know I eat more than my wife Tina eats. Here was an unlimited supply of food—but each person took from that supply what he or she needed to be full.


I think God’s love is like that. Each of us has a different capacity to receive His love and He gives His limitless love to us according to our unique capacity to receive it.


This thought has changed my mind set. I now hunger for and desire to expand my ability to receive more of His love. For more on this subject, go to


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