Come Into My Circle

As I make intentional efforts to live in community, I recognize that relationships are born in the overlap of two circles. While each of us are self-contained individuals (circle) with personality, wants and desires, and hopefully fully developed boundaries that guard our individuality—we have the ability to invite people into those circles. It is where […]

Breaking Bread

The third day after Jesus had been crucified; two of his disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus. As they were walking, Jesus suddenly appeared and joined their conversation. They did not recognize Jesus as they walked along. The scripture says that their eyes were restrained. Even though Jesus was alive and expounding on […]

Fear No Evil

Since fear is an issue that most people on the planet deal with, I thought I would Google phobias and see if there was a list. Sure enough, “phobia” has a dedicated website listing all the unique and diverse fears that people have. The site that I saw categorized hundreds of distinct different phobias.   […]

Good Tidings of Great Joy

Before we blast into the fullness of all that 2017 has for us, let me take a moment to reflect on the Holiday season of 2016. A popular biblical passage used at Christmas is Luke 2 in which an angel of the Lord appeared to the shepherds and said; “I bring you good tidings of […]

Lost in Translation

I recently had the privilege to lead a team of 11 people on a two week, short-term mission trip to Ghana, West Africa. A favorite part of my job is to encourage people to participate in international ministry opportunities. These opportunities are rich is so many ways. One benefit is that you can establish deep […]

So Why Can’t I Rest????

I am fascinated by relational topics. That is probably because I have spent most of my life “relationally challenged”. As you might expect, there are some good reasons for that. But there are no good reasons to stay that way. I am always shocked when I discover a relational truth that other people know, but […]

The People Who Watch

I had a cool experience yesterday that I want to share. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference, and if we capitalized on each of these encounters they would add up to a great day. Frankly, how many days do we have the opportunity to make a sizable contribution? Yet, each of us […]

Self Sabotage

I’ve been working on a four part sermon series. I like to start with a concept, pull together examples and quotes I might want, and then separate all of my notes into how many sermons I want to speak on. The separation part and actual sermon construction can take from four hours, to a full […]

Courageous Followers

There are leaders and there are followers—and leaders that can follow and followers who can lead. I have experienced each of these four categories in my life. Because I am a leader, I have read many books focusing on the qualities and characteristics of good leaders. However, in all my years of reading and studying, […]

Be Careful What You Touch

When I was young I did not go to church, ever. I didn’t know the Lord and didn’t know any Christians. My reference point for the things of God was zero. Those who grow up in a Christian family are made aware of the things of God, but that wasn’t my journey. So, how does […]

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