Be Careful What You Touch

When I was young I did not go to church, ever. I didn’t know the Lord and didn’t know any Christians. My reference point for the things of God was zero. Those who grow up in a Christian family are made aware of the things of God, but that wasn’t my journey. So, how does God find and introduce himself to a guy like me?


It was fifth grade and I was flunking out! I hated school and was not a good student. It is a fact that had I not moved out of state at the end of my fifth grade year, they would have failed me and held me back. I can only imagine what that would have done to change the course of my life. That was one of seven or eight calls I can point to in my life that could have gone either way and made all the difference for who I am today. Thank you Lord!


One day a classmate named Christy Westmoreland brought a Bible to class with her. To my recollection, this was the first time I had ever seen a Bible. I remember asking her why she had it at school. I don’t remember her answer. But, she did invite me to church (way tshutterstock_173726786o go young lady). I laughed and said that we did not attend church. Class started and there was that Bible on her desk. It had my full attention. I remember it was all black, and written on the outside were the words HOLY BIBLE. Something about the conversation and the presence of that Bible made me feel uneasy, like something was wrong with me. So, I drew a picture of a Bible with holes all in it and called it HOLEY BIBLE. When I gave it to Christy, she was not amused to say the least.

That was it. I didn’t get saved that day. That would come a couple months later through a crazy turn of events, when my father led me to the Lord and my life changed forever. But go back to that moment for a second. Imagine what happened in heaven that day. God—knowing that I would become a preacher who would one day study, teach, eat and sleep the Bible—touched that spot in my life before I even became saved. I imagine the fun that He had with the angels as they watched me studiously drawing that disparaging picture of the Book that would change my life.


Two closing thoughts: Thank you Christy, for making me aware that there is a God. And thank you God, for finding me when I didn’t even know I was lost. For more one this subject go to

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