Breaking Bread

The third day after Jesus had been crucified; two of his disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus. As they were walking, Jesus suddenly appeared and joined their conversation. They did not recognize Jesus as they walked along. The scripture says that their eyes were restrained. Even though Jesus was alive and expounding on the scriptures, they did not recognize him—until—they invited Him home and He broke bread with them.


In the Middle East, meals can last for hours and usually involve guests. In America, we have lost the gathering and sharing aspect of eating, and simply eat to re-fuel and get back to what we were doing before we realized we were hungry.


My wife and I and our dear friends were recently invited to dinner by a woman we know well. At her home we laughed and shared some very intimate stuff. We discussed the particular foods and drinks we like. We discussed our families, and our jobs. We shared stories from the past, and things that had happened that day. Each of us exposed at least one burden we were working through. We just shared…


After dinner, the woman graciously showed us around her home. When we saw her antiques, pictures, and memories, we truly entered her world. She is fascinating and a real treasure. I have known this woman for years, but I now know her better after sharing a meal with her in her home.


Jesus made Himself known to His disciples by the breaking of bread. It worked two thousand years ago, and I think it still works today. I hope your now inspired to invite someone—old friend or new one—to break bread with soon. For more on this subject visit


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