Do a 360 and Fully Live

Will you remember what you do today one year from now? I know it is impossible to live everyday in such a manner. I only ask the question to make a point. The point is that life is precious; it is a gift. How many of us are un-wrapping that beautiful privilege—every—single—day?

There is a great quote Dr. Edward J. Stieglitz used in an advertisement in 1947 that sums up my thinking. It says:

“It’s not the years in your life that count but the life in your years!”

I have the joy of living in the Smokey Mountains of Western, North Carolina, surrounded by spellbinding beauty. People travel from all over the world to vacation here—to take in the sights and sounds of our ancient views. Yet, as a local, I can honestly say there are days we get in our cars and hustle from one destination to the other and never drink in the gift we have just outside our front door. I promise today that I will not only get out and do a 360 turn to take in the views, but I will also deeply breathe in our pristine air.

I recently attended the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference and heard a similar thought echoed by best-selling author Yvonne Lehman (57 novels to her credit). A paraphrase of her thoughts went something like this:

“You write from who you are. Who you are is the sum of your experiences. If you come to this conference and meet a mentor, learn a tool that will serve you the rest of your life, or get inspiration for your next book, then you just lived a chapter SCENE in the book of your life. If you came here simply to get information, you didn’t live a scene; you had an INCIDENT. Most people don’t write because they don’t live scenes!”

In the act of experiencing the fullness of each moment—the need to express that with others greatly increases.

Today, you took the time to read this blog. Would you mind telling me in a comment below one thing you are purposefully going to do today that you might remember a year from now? I would like to celebrate it with you. For more on this subject,  go to


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4 Replies to “Do a 360 and Fully Live”

  1. I don’t know what today holds, however, I’m inclined to be purposeful. Just the fact that I’m able to come up to breathe is refreshing after the battles I endured last week. I want to be intentional on refocusing on the beauty in my garden after the rains that produced so many weeds. To be satisfied in my labors and not focusing on the poisen oak as a derivitive. To just breathe and find contentment in wherever I am. The Lord made this day, I will be glad in it (with no fussing at Him). Yay for restoration. Yay for more beauty to soak in. Yay for renewal! Yay that nothing done or endured is in vain.

    1. Colleen

      Delighted you felt HIM in the outdoors and chose to breathe in His breath and the fresh air. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alexander arrived back into town last night. He took a big breath in and said, ‘wow it smells good here.’ Then he looked around at the mountains and said, ‘I forgot how beautiful it is here; I have missed it!’ We are so blessed here!

    One thing that I did today was to sing the Song of Solomon to the Lord. It was awkward at some parts, but I felt His love, and I feel like He felt mine. I hope that I remember that in a year!

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