Giving Assignments

I love to give. I love to give when I have an abundance, when things are tight, and when I know without a doubt it is a giving assignment straight from God. I had one of those giving assignments recently.

I went to our local grocery store here in Waynesville to buy a side dish of vegetables so I didn’t have to cook any. I got into the hot meals counter line (Pick a meat and three sides) behind the only other customer. As I considered my choices (I picked the boiled cabbage with ham in it, if you were at all interested), this guy walks right up next to me. When I say next to me, I mean he walks right up beside me, not behind me, and our shoulders almost touched.

He looks over at me and says, “Are you going to buy me lunch?” I said, “Sure, I was just standing here hoping someone would allow me to buy them lunch. I am your guy.” He replied, “No way. I was just giving you a hard time. I couldn’t let you buy my lunch. I just like walking up to strangers and speaking to them and making new friends.”

I asked him his name and I gave him mine. Then I told him I had a little problem. I didn’t have any cash on me and I had more shopping to do. I REALLY wanted to buy his lunch, though. He said, “Don’t worry about it. I was just messing around but I will make a deal with you. I will let you off the hook from buying my lunch this time, but the next time I see you, you have to buy me dinner at — and he named an expensive restaurant in an adjoining town. I laughed and said, “Can you wait here for just a minute?” He said he would. I went out to my car, where I had a gift card for that very resurant I’d been driving around with for several months! I grabbed it and went back into the store and gave it to him. “Dinner is on me!” He freaked out. “No way! I can’t accept it. I was just joking.” I asked him, “How many people have a person walk up to him and ask him for dinner to a restaurant he just happens to have a gift card for in their car? God must really love you, sir.” He told me that he knew God loved him and that he was also sure that God loved me as well. He hugged me and walked away knowing we had just had a God encounter.

I’ve only felt compelled a couple times by Papa to give that specifically, that uniquely. But, each time Papa got talked about and the other person felt LOVED! I hope you have a similar encounter soon. For more on this subject,  go to

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