Maggots……a gift from God?

I am a builder. I like to create, establish, and birth new things. Whether it is a ministry, program, book, organization, or relationship; I like starting new things. I am not a very good maintainer. If I am responsible for an organization or relationship for the long haul, I have to recreate it from time to time as my form of maintaining or managing it well.


One time an older man in my life said to me, “Be careful what you birth. Whatever you birth, you are responsible to care for the rest of its life”. Wow! That comment stopped me in my tracks and took the wind out of my sails. Was that true? If so, I was not so sure that I ever wanted to birth another thing the rest of my life.


Is the price of birthing something maintaining it as long as it lives? It is if we are discussing children, of course. But, what about organizations or churches, are they supposed to live forever? Whether you agree with the man’s comment or not, it was a word of the Lord for me and a much needed wake up call. I had not considered the long-term care that was going to be necessary for the things I birthed.


Recently, another man provided well-needed balance to this conversation. It was T. D. Jakes, as he was being interviewed by Bill Hybels, during The 2016 Global Leadership Summit. T. D. explained it this way; while the children of Israel were in the wilderness, God fed them fresh manna every day. If the people gathered the manna and tried to keep it over night, maggots would spoil the manna. God allows things to spoil, and sometimes provides maggots, so we don’t try to hold onto everything that belongs to yesterday. He went on to say that not every relationship, assignment or program deserves the energy, time or resources that God has given you for today.Unknown


Some things you birth will live for a season and then pass away, because their usefulness has passed. That is ok. But, it is not ok to create and build new things without any consideration for their care. There has to be balance.


What if the maggot devours things that allow us the freedom to fully embrace today? Just a thought. For more on this subject,

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