Mature Inheritance

What if everything we need is waiting for us to step into our destiny and claim it? What if we stopped gauging what we could accomplish by the provisions we have, but lived from passion and purpose instead?

There is a concept in the Bible that I believe supports and even encourages us to live from this perspective. It is called; a “Mature inheritance”. Basically, this means that God has already stored up what we need and when our passion and purpose are combined, provision appears.

Let me show you a couple of examples of this in scripture.

After God created, Adam, He said, “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper for him.” He then has Adam name all the animals. When He finishes, God puts Adam to sleep and creates Eve. Now, when God created the helper for Adam, He didn’t present Eve to him as a baby. She was created as a mature woman, equal to Adam at his stage of life. Adam began to function in his role as God’s representative (naming the animals) and God brought a mature inheritance to him.

When the Children of Israel arrived at the “promised land” to receive the inheritance that God had promised them 400 years earlier, it was already mature. God told them they would live in houses they did not build and eat from crops they did not plant. God made sure the enemies of Israel had already prepared the land for them to inhabit. In this scenario, defeating your enemy, releases your mature inheritance.

Solomon desired to make God’s name famous. He wanted to build a temple—not for human royalty, but for Jehovah—something so spectacular that nothing in this world could rival it. Where would he get the gold, silver and precious stones to build the temple? His father David had led a campaign to raise the necessary resources for the temple before he died. When Solomon was ready to release his passion and his purpose, the provision was already there.

Let’s not wait around passively (myself included) hoping for the resources to do something amazing with our lives. Instead lets live with passion and faith, and who knows, when we get to our moment, everything we ever needed may already be there waiting on us. For more on this subject, go to





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