What is Lurking in the Distance

Something evil and sinister is lurking in the distance, hell bent on destroying you. Not only are we often clueless that this dangerous force exists and is stalking us, but we are unaware that we create the opportunity for it to exist in our lives.

This is how it happens.

In the Garden of Eden, God walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the morning. One day, Adam and Eve sinned, and this created a distance between them and God. The next day, when God came looking for them, Adam and Eve were hiding from him because they were afraid. They had also made loin garments because they were naked and ashamed.

Their sin created a distance between them and God.

Like Adam and Eve, when we sin, we create a distance between us and God. Within this distance, all kinds of bad things live. This is where shame, fear, condemnation, guilt, regret, insecurity and anxiety live. We create the space for it to exist and we allow it to ravage our lives because we won’t close the distance.

A believer closes this distance between themselves and God by repenting of their sin, removing this sin from the enemy’s tool box, so it can no longer be used against us.

This “distance” concept doesn’t just apply to our relationship with God. It also affects our relationships with others. When we have an offense between ourselves and another, we create a distance. We avoid one another, hold back our true feelings, and we withdraw. And, what lives in that distance? Anger, condemnation, insecurity and all kinds of things we can fantasize or conjure up in our mind.

We must remove the distance so that these evil things cannot affect and live in our lives, stalking us, and sabotaging our relationships. Just like God came to Adam to close the distance, God sent Jesus to us. He is the great healer of relationships and the closer of the distance. And, since we have Jesus in us, He sends us to close the distance with those in our lives. Be godly. Find someone today that you can close the distance with and kill all those negative things that live there and are eating away at your relationships. For a deeper revelation on this subject, go to http://www.newcovenantchurch.com/resources/media/sermons/slaves-of-righteousness.html



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