Self Sabotage

I’ve been working on a four part sermon series. I like to start with a concept, pull together examples and quotes I might want, and then separate all of my notes into how many sermons I want to speak on. The separation part and actual sermon construction can take from four hours, to a full day, depending on the grace to get it done.


I had finished the third sermon and was happy with the outline and the pro-presenter graphics. As I began work on the fourth and final sermon, I got about halfway done and then set it aside and started a new project that was going to be pretty intense. I wanted to get a jump on it. I got it about 10% underway and then went back and finished the fourth part of my sermon series. That is when I noticed the hidden dysfunction that has been a normal part of my life.


You see, I am a finisher. I finish almost everything that I start. Osabotagence I commit to a project, I will see it through. So, subconsciously, I stopped the almost finished sermon series to begin a new project, and then went back and finished the series. Because I had started the new project, a sense of urgency was created to move me quickly back to it without any rest or celebration for finishing the sermon series. I was artificially providing a demand that would keep me working without rest.


I am a grown man and yet I had never noticed that I was sabotaging myself. It is amazing how much we overlook or do not notice about what we do to ourselves. I was tricking myself into more work, and have been doing it to myself for many years. How many other things like that are going on in my life that I am not even aware of? God help me, and God help us all. For more on this subject go to

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