Stepping Out From the Shadows

You may be reading this as a blog, but I am writing it as a declaration. I am putting a stake in the ground right here—right now; sealing a turning point moment with this writing. I hope it inspires you to do the same. Every dream demands a response. This is my first step.


Recently, I wrote a personal mission statement. It included my mission, my vision, what I am called to do, and whom I am called to serve. It was invigorating to find this kind of clarity. Knowing who I am—and who I am not—has brought a dose of energy and excitement that I have lacked for years. I used the book, “The Path” by Laurie Beth Jones as a guide. It gave me excellent exercises and examples of how to hone down my personal experiences and desires into a clear and unique vision for my life.


After walking through the exercises of writing a mission statement, Laurie then explains “making yourself visible”. She states that the Laws of Attraction that exist in creation rely on visibility. Male bullfrogs croak loudly. Male Peacocks show off their plume. They step out of the shadows and announce to the world, “I am here”. Obviously, not everyone is attracted to this announcement; it will actually repel some. But, your bold step out of the shadows will also call out those that were destined to journey with you.


So, I am clear on who I am. I am clear on why I am here. I am clear on whom I was created to serve. Today, I step out of the shadows and make myself visible! I hope you will do the same. For more on this subject visit


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