The Benefits of Friends and Food

Travelling both nationally and internationally has allowed me the opportunity to try a wide variety of foods. I have found very few foods that I don’t like. Ethiopian food and beets are the only two exceptions I can think of.


We have a new staff member, who has quickly become a friend. For Christmas he bought me a “food passport” for Asheville, NC. Forty different local restaurants are a part of this program. No chain restaurants. The way the passport works is you take it to one of these restaurants and order a $15 entree and they give you a second $15 entree for free. You can try all 40 restaurants once in the calendar year, if you can afford the money, time and calories.


My friend was so jacked up about the gift and asked me how I liked it. I didn’t fully understand how it worked until he explained it. Smiling he said, “I knew you would love it, because you’re a foodie. It is perfect for you”.


“What do you mean, I am a foodie?”, I asked. He said, “You love food, you like all kinds of food. You like adventure and trying new things. I knew you would like it, you’re a foodie”!



I DO love the passport. My wife Tina and I have used it three times; at an oyster house, a curry restaurant, and an little Indian joint (with my friend). All were great experiences with great food.



I am a foodie. I have always been a foodie. But, I didn’t know it and none of my existing friends have ever told me I was a foodie. It took a brand new friend to recognize it in me, pull it out and admire it, show it to me and then celebrate it with me. Wow. One new friend did that for me.


What if one of the benefits of making new friends is discovering or –rediscovering old treasures that exist inside us? It makes me want to make some new friends. For more information, go to

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4 Replies to “The Benefits of Friends and Food”

  1. So true. New friends can also show you that there may be some people you end up having amazing friendships with that didn’t seem plausible the first time you met them.

  2. Love people, love meeting new friends,
    It does seem harder to connect in these fast moving times. Keep trying and smile alot.

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