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“We see the world not as it is, but as we are” is a famous saying attributed to the Talmud. The Talmud is a huge collection of Jewish doctrines and laws that were compiled before the 8th Century A.D. It has become the basic book of Jewish Law.


Many famous people have repeated this ancient quote in addition to other quotes like, “looking at life through rose colored glasses” that allude to the same principal. Why are these quoted so frequently? Because, there is timeless truth found in them.


I believe there are truths that apply to particular seasons and present circumstances and then there are timeless truths that never change.


Our education (formal or informal) and personal experiences form a belief pattern in our brain. It becomes a filter by which we make all our decisions. We have the capacity to weigh new information and solidify our filter and we have the ability to discount any contrary information because it doesn’t fit. Some of us are constantly growing and challenging our filters. But some of us have allowed those filters to become so rigid that we don’t accept new information.


I have a friend and Christian counselor, Dr. Jim Marks, that says, “Grape Kool-Aid. With some people no matter what you put in, all you get out is grape Kool-Aid. You can put in any information you want and the conclusion will always be grape Kool-Aid.”


We find proof of this in such statements as “all men are dogs” or “everyone is only out to help themselves” or “everyone is out to get me”. Those statements may be true…for you. You set your filters and attract things that justify your belief. Why does someone watch Fox news for 10 hours a day? It is to get information that justifies what they believe. You find like-minded people and then fill your filter with agreeable information. The same goes with watching CNN or BBC. It is just different filters.


It has been said; “anyone who only drinks from only one stream is going to end up weird, and it doesn’t matter what stream they drink from”. I agree.


The Book of Romans says that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. I have not yet experienced everything I need to about God and His creation. As I experience Him in new ways, I come to a “better” understanding of him,


I challenge you today to ask God to help you open your mind and drink from His wells and to challenge those filters that are not godly.


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