What to do???

As I write this blog, we are in the throes of the covid-19 virus pandemic. It is a season of uncertainty. There has been death, loss of income, loss of freedoms and a general feeling of “restriction”. 

There has also been appreciation for family and community. We have spent more time on the simple things and being in nature. Wildlife is loud and visible.

Like sprouts of grass and trees that spring forth after a wildfire, new life is available for us if we can adjust.

Recently, I was reading about King David and his mighty men. The whole chapter of 1 Chronicles 12 is listing all the warrior skill sets these guys possessed. They could fight with a slingshot, bow and arrow and swords. This chapter captures all their military might and lists several accounts of their military prowess. And then, right in the middle of describing these men’s military resume, we find this verse:

I Chronicles12:32 Of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do…ESV

Hmmmm, of Issachar… it says they knew the times and what Israel should do. That was listed as one of their military strengths. They had an awareness of the times they lived in. They had a rare understanding of what Israel was to do. 

We need this gifting more than ever right now. My friend Matt Tommey, who has a thriving local art business and a global mentorship program for fellow artists, has developed a free online resource to do just that. He has pulled artists and leaders together to share what they hear God saying in this season. It is free, timely and carries important insights. If you are looking for a way to thrive in this season, check it out at http://www.theglobalartssummit.com.

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